Group News


June 2020: Sahngki and Ed's (long time) work on sub-nanowatt microfluidic calorimetry, in collaboration with Profs. Metallo and Lal groups, is published in Nature Communications. We report the first calorimetric measurement of single-cell metabolic heat generation.

May 2020:Sunmi wins 2020 Chancellor's Dissertation Medal (JSOE news , UCSD office of the Chancellor ).

May 2020: Tianshi successfully defended his MS thesis. Tianshi will continue his study as a PhD student in the group. Congratulations, Tianshi!

May 2020: Qingyang successfully defended his doctoral thesis, entitled "Microscale Engineering of Phase Change and Radiation Heat Transfer". He will join North China Electrical Power University as an Associate Professor. Congratulations and good luck, Dr. and Prof. Wang !

Mar. 2020: Sahngki and Sunmi's paper on wearable camouflage is published in Advanced Functional Materials, and has also been higlighted in several news outlets: UCSD JSOE News , Popular Mechanics , Science Daily , Advanced Science News


Nov. 2019: Qingyang received a travel award to attend ASME-IMECE in Salt Lake City, and his poster on 'Thin Film Boiling Heat Transfer Through Nanoporous Membranes' won a 'Best Poster Oral Presentation Award' in the ASME Society-Wide Micro/Nano Technology Forum. Congratulations, Qingyang!

Sep. 2019: We welcome new students joining our group: Pei Yu (Doctoral student), Sarath Adapa (MS student), Rachel Oelsner (Undergraduate).

Sep. 2019: We wrote an invited review paper on high-temperature thermal energy materials and physics (HITEMP) in Advanced Functional Materials .

Aug. 2019: Jian's paper on salt repelling hydrogel for solar desalintion is published in Advanced Energy Materials . Congratulations, Jian!

Aug. 2019: Lizzie successfully defended her doctoral thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Rubin !

May 2019: Sahngki's paper on wearable thermoelectric for personalized thermoregulation is published in Science Advancdes, and has since gained significant media coverage in many outlets: UCSD JSOE News , Nature News , San Diego 10news (KGTV) , Science Daily , NY Post , DailyMail, , Sustainability Times , Design News , Court House News Services , BGR , Fast Company , Digitial Trends .

May 2019: Sunmi successfully defended her doctoral thesis, entitled "Active Thermal Engineering Using Nanostructures". She will be joining the faculty of National University of Singpapore in the Fall. Congratulations and good luck, Dr. and Prof. Shin !

Mar. 2019: Sunmi's paper on SPhP thermal radiation is published in Nature Communications, congratulations!

Feb. 2019: Lizzie and Sunmi's paper on solar absorbing coating is published in APL Materials and is selected as "Editor's Pick", congratulations!


Dec. 2018: Lizzie passed her senate exam and is now a PhD candidate, congratulations!

Dec. 2018: Sahngki defended his PhD thesis and is joining Illumina at San Diego. Congratulations and good luck, Dr. Hong!

Oct. 2018: Sunmi was selected to attend the "Asian Deans Forum 2018: The Rising Stars Women in Engineering Workshop".

Aug.2018: Qingyang attended the International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC) in Beijing, China, and Presented a paper entitled "High heat flux and stable boiling heat transfer through nanoporous membranes".

July 2018: Shuang Cui defended her PhD thesis and will be a Postdoc at NREL. Congratulations and good luck, Dr. Cui!

July 2018: Qingyang passed his senate exam and is now a PhD candidate, congratulations!

June 2018: We won a DOE-Gen3 award to develop a thermal characterization tool for Gen3-CSP materials. see the new releases from JSOE .

June 2018: Qingyang won a ITherm 2018 Outstanding Poster Award in the Component-Level Thermal Management Track.

June 2018: Sunmi passed her senate exam and is now a PhD candidate, congratulations!

May 2018: Sunmi's paper on organic/inorganic hybrid thermoelectrics is published in J. Appl. Phys.

May 2018: Jianlin successfully defended his doctoral thesis, and will join Dell (Texas) in June. Congratulations and good luck, Dr. Zheng!

April 2018: Paper by Sunmi is in the Top 100 Scientific Reports Physics papers in 2017.

April 2018: Qingyang's paper on boiling heat transfer is published in Nano Lett.


Aug. 2017: Welcome Prof. Lin Chen from NCEPU to join our group as a visiting scholar.

Aug. 2017: Shuang's paper on thermal conductivity measurement of Tungsten plasma facing materials is published in Journal of Nuclear Materials..

Aug. 2017: Sunmi's paper on printable all-inorganic thermoelectric films on fabrics is published in Sci. Rep.

May. 2017: Shuang passed her senate exam, congratulations!

Jan. 2017: Welcome a visiting Ph.D. student, Yuchao Hua from Tsinghua Univerisity.

Jan. 2017: Soonshin and Jianlin's paper on high thermal conductivity in amorphous silicon nanostructures is published in ACS Nano


Sep. 2016: Welcome a visiting Ph.D student, Eunjeong Kim from Hanyang University.

June. 2016: Ed successfully defended his doctoral thesis, and will join Intel (Portland, OR) in July. Congratulations and good luck, Dr. Dechaumphai!

March 30, 2016: Lizzie won a Best Poster Award in MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

March 2016: Matt defended his doctoral thesis, and will join Prof. Garay group at UCSD as a postdoc.

March 2016: Matt received the MAE Distinguished Graduate Student Award in recognition of his outstanding scholarly publications.


June 2015: JSOE news release on our ATTACH project.

June 2015: BBC report on our black paint as durable solar absorbing materials.

May 2015: Renkun is promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure, effective July 1st, 2015.

Mar. 2015: Matt's paper is published in Nano Lett., congratulations Matt!

Mar. 2015: Our work on durable solar absorbing materials was featured in BBC Radio (about 11 mins in).

Jan 2015: Paper by Jianlin, Matt, and Ed is one of the most accessed in  Rev. Sci. Instrum. in 2014.


Dec. 2014: Jaeyun's paper on durable black oxide solar absorbing material is published in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells.

Nov. 1, 2014: Our work on durable high-temperature solar absorbing materials, published in the trio papers in the journal Nano Energy, has been highlighted in several news outlets: JSOE, UT San Diego, ScienceDaily,

Sep. 15, 2014: Ed's work on sub-picoWatt resolution calorimetry is published in Rev. Sci. Instrum. We showed an unprecedented resolution of 0.26 pW at room temperature.

Sep. 1, 2014: Sunmi joined the group as a doctoral student, welcome!

Aug. 2014: We welcomed several visiting students/scholars: Ms. Ze Zhang (undergraduate student from Tsinghua University), Zhenqiang Ye (PhD student from Tsinghua), Dr. Shuyuan Zhao (Assist. Prof. from Harbin Institute of Technology).

Aug. 19, 2014: Shuang passed her qualifying exam, congratulations!

Aug. 15, 2014: Ed won the 2014-2015 competitive scholarship from Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) program of $7,500. Following Matt (in 2013-2014), Ed is the second group member winning this prestigious scholarship.

Aug. 7, 2014: Ed passed his senate exam and advanced to Ph.D candidancy, congratulations!

July 2014: Former MS graduate Taylor Yuen joined Raytheon (Plano, TX)

July 7, 2014: Jaeyun defended her doctoral thesis, and will start as an Assistant Professor in the ME department at Univ. Nevada, Las Vegas in August. Congratulations and good luck, Dr. and Prof. Moon!

June 10, 2014: Jaeyun's paper is published in Nano Energy, congratulations Jaeyun!

April 30, 2014: Matt's paper is published in Nanoscale, congratulations Matt!

April 14, 2014: Ed's paper is published in Nano Lett., congratulations Ed!

April 13, 2014: Ed's paper is published in J. Nucl. Mater., congratulations Ed!


We missed a lot of news. but no news is good news!


Nov. 2009: The Group started; Jaeyun joined the group as the first doctoral student.